Bits and Pieces

It’s January 28th. I have been done with school for about two months. And I’m in that terrible waiting period. Waiting to hear from jobs I’ve applied for, waiting for my upcoming two week vacation from my current retail job (four days, but who’s counting?), waiting for the next big step in my life. And I have this to say: waiting is BORING!

So, what have I been doing?

Well. Not much. But I am working on a few new projects.

  1. Mama’s Girl
    • Mama’s Girl is the musical I started writing. A few pieces are completed and were premiered in my senior composition recital last October. But now I have moved on to writing the stage directions and the dialogue and whatnot. This is the hard part, because I have only ever been a consumer of musicals. I have never been in one. But I have good friends who are willing to help me out and that’s important.
  2. Jabberwocky Companion pieces
    • Jabberwocky, which also premiered at my recital, alone is one of my favorite pieces I’ve written. And I had so much fun writing it that I thought I’d try to keep the magic going. So I’m writing three companion pieces for Jabberwocky, to other Lewis Carroll texts from Alice Through the Looking Glass. I’m writing settings for The Lullaby of the Duchess (SSAA), The Lobster Quadrille (TTBB), and Epilogue (SATB). However, I’m finding that I love Jabberwocky so much that I’m almost scared to write anything else for choir because it won’t measure up. But have no fear, because I will get over that hump.
  3. One-a-Day Piano book
    • This has been a project for over a year. But I am writing a book of short etudes for the beginning pianist. It’s… well, it’s a work in (very slow) progress.

But that’s how things go, I suppose.


Author: lizzielou0320

Composer, performer, teacher, and arranger in the Ottawa area.

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