Keeping Busy

Wow, is it Thursday already? How did we get to the end of March so quickly?

It seems like I’m always counting down to something. Days until my next visit to Canada (more on that later). Days until my next day off. Days until the gloriously long days of summer. But for the first time in my life, I don’t have seemingly endless hours of school to fill that time. I’m currently counting down the days until my mom’s spring break because she and I are off on an adventure to Boston! (Follow me on Instagram for updates). We leave on Tuesday. And I’m so excited.

These days, I have work to keep me busy. It’s funny to think that just last week, I was looking for a third job because I didn’t think I was getting enough hours. Well today is Thursday and so far, I’ve worked at the track out camp three times (twice as a sub and one normal shift) and I’ve worked at my retail job every other day. And needless to say, I’m exhausted. I think the last time I was this tired was in October when I had two senior recitals (in one month!) and I was still working 10-15 hours and taking a full class load. But it’s okay. Because Spring break is coming!



Author: lizzielou0320

Composer, performer, teacher, and arranger in the Ottawa area.

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