Feature Friday: Dreamland


Written for mezzo-soprano and accompanied by piano and flute, Dreamland is one of my favorite pieces I’ve written. Do I say that with every piece? Cause I mean it with every piece. Vain? Probably. Anyway, I used a wonderfully dark poem by Lewis Carroll with the same title. I wrote this one after To a Stranger. Mostly because I had so much fun singing To a Stranger, that I wanted to write something I could sing in my recital. So Dreamland was born. This recording is from my senior composition recital, featuring myself as the mezzo-soprano, and my friends Taylor McCulloch on piano, and Emma McCulloch on flute.

I used the key of D minor because I love its heavy and dark tones. The mezzo-soprano voice ranges from a rumbling chest voice to a soaring head voice, giving this piece a range of emotions. Like To a Stranger, I used text painting in the both the piano and the voice. The beginning is slow, dirge-like, representing the “midnight mists creeping” and the “mighty dead” treading in the first and second stanzas. The third stanza is brighter and faster, which represents the “blaze of noon day splendor.” The last stanza returns to the dirge-like beginning.




Suddenly Wednesday

So I was supposed to post a Feature Friday last week. Oops. But the joy of having my own blog is that I’m on no one’s schedule (except my own). So I will post a Feature Friday this week. (Two blogs in one week!)

Today, I am keeping busy. I am working on a piano solo piece that is currently called Inferno. But I’m not married to that title yet. I am hoping my good friend from my alma mater will be able to premier it at his recital next spring. We’ll see though.

I haven’t forgotten about other project’s though. My friend’s wedding is (rapidly) approaching and I’m still working on the arrangement for that. Mama’s Girl is still in the works but on a temporary hold while I create other things. And I am still working on the companion piece for Jabberwocky. Man, I’m ambitious. But again, aside from the wedding and the recital, I’m on no one’s time but my own. I just have to stay focused.

My fortune cookie told me that I am the flexible person in my present situation, so I’ll be applying that to every aspect of my life. Visit my Twitter┬áto vote for which piece should be featured this week!