I’m Alive!

So I was bopping along, enjoying April when all of a sudden, it was May. So here’s what has been keeping me busy lately.

  1. Work. I’m still working two jobs. So there are very few days I have off completely. But that’s post graduation, I suppose. I arranged a version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight for my students at camp and they loved it! If you want to use it in your classroom or just for your own fun, I posted it under scores on this site. I’m looking for other songs to arrange for camp (I’m entirely out of the loop when it comes to kids songs. I still think Disney songs are fun…)
  2. Inferno. I wrote a new piece. Because on top of everything I’ve been doing, I can’t not have a project. I finished a piano solo for my friend Danny to perform at his recital next spring. Personally, I think it’s great. But it still has to go through a series of judges (Campbell Music Department Staff) before Danny gets the okay to perform it at his recital. I will also be performing it at a fellow music teacher’s student recital at the end of this month.
  3. Wade in the Water. After finishing Inferno, I (immediately) started working on a choral arrangement of the African American Spiritual Wade in the Water. I’m still working on it. I was finished, but then I woke up one day and decided the piece had a burning need for a key change. So that’s in the works. When it’s finished, I am thinking of presenting it to the choral teachers at Campbell.
  4. Downsizing. I am a notorious pack rat. I believe this is a trait I inherited from my father. So I’ve been cleaning for the last month, trying to get rid of stuff I don’t use anymore. Right now, I have piles of books and clothes and shoes to take for donation. It’s a project in and of itself.

I am thinking of taking a break from Feature Fridays for a little while. I will try to post here more regularly, but no promises. Next month (next month!) I’ll be returning to Canada for most of the month of June. I’m always more productive there. So I suppose we will see.


Author: lizzielou0320

Composer, performer, teacher, and arranger in the Ottawa area.

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