Scores Now for Purchase!

Happy “Snow” (ice?) day from North Carolina!

About a week ago, I submitted a few pieces for publication on the Sheet Music Plus website. And they are now available for digital download! You can now purchase Jabberwocky and To a Stranger for your own use!

You can either go to the Scores page on this site, or you can visit this page to see a list of scores that are ready for purchase!


Me and My Bass Guitar

So. We bought a bass guitar the other day. And like the proverbial moth to the proverbial flame, I am drawn to learn how to play it. I mean, I only play like six instruments. What’s one more? Right? I think I have a problem.

Anyway. I discovered the preset songs on my keyboard are a great way to learn to play along. So that’s how I practice bass. And now, a week later, I have some killer calluses to show for my efforts. Plus, I can play “I Don’t Know Why” pretty darn well.