This is what I’ve written. Click the link to listen!

If you purchase and perform any of these scores, please let me know! I would love to listen! If any Canadian ensembles (or soloists) would like to purchase and perform my music, please e-mail me directly first for a small discount!

Jabberwocky Performed by the Campbell University Choir. Purchase!

Dreamland Performed by L. E. Bolden, accompanied by Taylor and Emma McCulloch. Purchase!

To a Stranger Performed by Joseph Conner, accompanied by L. E. Bolden and Taylor McCulloch. Purchase!

The Lion Sleeps Tonight I arranged this for my students at the track out camp where I work. It is for voice and percussion. The children played the percussion and I sang. We had a blast!

Festival Dance This is a light-hearted, fun, and festive piece in 7/8 time for piano solo. This piece is published by FJH Music. Click here to order it in print and here to order a digital copy.

Wade in the Water This is an arrangement of the traditional African-American spiritual for unaccompanied SATB and body percussion. Purchase!

O Come! This is an arrangement of five traditional Christmas hymns for SATB and piano accompaniment. It is a fun and festive piece for beginning to intermediate choir. Purchase!

A Lullaby This sweet, canonic lullaby was written for unaccompanied voices in three-part harmony. Purchase!

Be Still This ethereal piece is for unaccompanied voices in four parts. I wrote it for my mother and it has quickly become one of my favorite pieces. Purchase!

The Lobster-Quadrille This fun and quirky text from Lewis Carroll’s Alice Through the Looking-Glass was a joy to set for unaccompanied voices in four parts! The melody dances among the four voices and when a section isn’t singing the melody, they are accompanying with a whimsical and percussive “pum,” which creates the effect of a pizzicato string. Purchase!

The Ballad of John Silver This text by John Masefield is meant to sound fun and folksy. I paired the SATB voicing with piano and fiddle, for a swashbuckling feel. Please e-mail me directly to request this score and its pricing.

Lament This is a piece I wrote, originally for a small brass ensemble. I have rewritten it for string quartet. Please e-mail me directly for a score!

Inferno I wrote this dramatic piano solo with my friend Danny in mind. This should be played with drama and pizzazz!

She’s Like the Swallow This Canadian folk-song from Newfoundland is about unrequited love. It is melancholy and sweet with long, flowing phrases. This arrangement is for unaccompanied female voices in four parts. Purchase!

A Suite for Black Lives This piano solo speaks for itself. It is full of rich chords and interesting rhythms. Proceeds from this score will be donated to the Black Lives Matter movement. Email me directly for purchase.

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